Birth Doula


Birth doula services provide you with one prenatal home visit, on-call support to address any questions or concerns leading up to birth, continual in-person support for all of labor and birth, including 1-2 hours after birth to make sure breastfeeding has been established and you and your baby are doing well, and one postpartum home visit.

Postpartum Doula


Postpartum doula services include 8- to 12-hour shifts (for up to 5 days a week) of continual in-person support for up to the first six weeks postpartum. Also included, any or all of the following: scanning for perinatal mental health disorders; helping to establish and ensure breastfeeding is going well; hands-on education with feedings, bathing and diapering; running errands as well as light housework, making meals and doing Baby's laundry.